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The enlarged meeting of Lithuanian cultural center “Gintaras”

On October 11th was held the enlarged meeting of Lithuanian cultural center “Gintaras” in the reading hall of scientific regional library.

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to Oleksand Belgard – Dniepropetrovsk’s scientist Professor of Dniepropetrovsk National University from Lithuania by origin ( to the 112 th years anniversary of his birth). There were presented honorable guests such as Professor’s daughter Galyna O. Bodnar, Professsor’s grandson Pavlo S. Bodnar and Professor’s students: O. Grygorenko, PhD in Biology, senor lecturer (The Agricultural University); B.Baranovskyi, PhD in Biology, docent (O.Honchar’s DNU ).

The relatives and students had the opportunity to share their memories about Olexander Lucianovich of his life and scientific way, bethought what a responsive, mindful, hard-working and purposeful person he was. According to Professor’s words just love to Lithuanian woods and lakes became decisive in the choice of education and occupation that he had chosen for life to learn and increase forest area of Dniepropetrovsk region.

It is very important for a man to remember people because of their businesses and natural quality to transfer knowledge to students and to share experience to the followers. In the circle of relatives, friends and students we mentioned Professor Belgard – outstanding figure among  the scientists  of post-war era in Dniepropetrovsk.

Text and photos prepared by

Head of the Lithuanian cultural center “Gintaras” Galyna Khmil-Dunai



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