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The Visit of the European Parliament Member to Dniepropetrovsk

Last time Dniepropetrovsk has been hosting the foreign high-level officials from the European Union and helping them with theirs special missions.

On October 17-18 on the invitation of the Embassy of Lithuanian Republic to Ukraine the Member of Group- the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) at the European Parliament (EP) from Lithuania Petras 
Auštrevičiu accompanied by Ambassador of Lithuanian Republic to Ukraine Petras Vaitiekūnas and defense attaché Ltc Mindaugas Kviklys paid a visit to Dniepropetrovsk. The aim of this visit was to confirm the comprehensive support to Ukraine from Lithuanian side on its eurointegration aspirations and its sovereign right to defense its territorial integrity and untouchability and some bilateral issues of Ukrainian – Lithuanian agenda on the regional level and the implementation of some interstates resolutions.

During two-day visit the number of substantial meetings were hold due to promote of the Honorary Consul of Lithuania Republic in Dniepropetrovsk V.Pivnyak and Dniepropetrovsk state regional administration(DSRA).

The Lithuanian delegation lead by P. Auštrevičiu hold the meeting with adviser of the Head of Dniepropetrovsk state regional administration B.Triegerman. In the course of meeting Lithuanian side has expressed again its unconditional support for Ukraine to become the member of EU as soon as possible and noted a grate contribution of Dniepropetrovsk governance to Ukraine’s defense capacity against the military aggression.

P.Auštrevičiu informed all presenters that under his initiative were organized auction where Lithuanian artists andjewelers collected money for Ukrainian soldiers.

The members of Lithuanian delegation were the honorary guests of extraordinary event for Dniepropetrovsk – the ceremonial acceptance vow of allegiance to Ukraine by lyceum students of Dniepropetrovsk city who entered in 2014.

Lithuanian guests visited the National Mining University (NMU) and met with its students. Actually the students who have been forced to resettle from Donetsk and Lugansk regions have been studing at the NMU now. After the welcome speech the students had an opportunity to ask high guests all they wanted to. In the free interactive dialogue the student were interested in the really euroinegration perspectives for Ukraine, officials’s thoughts about nowadays Ukrainian crisis and if that possible to have the chance to work in the EU institutions. Responding on audience questionsP.Auštrevičiu said that Europe wants to investigate all military crime which happened during military clashes, and made an objective report concerning both conflicting sides by special EU commissions. He added that Ukraine had its sovereign right to use military force on its own territory in contrast to enemy army presence . The openness and frankness of the guests prolonged the meeting for more time was planed.

The next day of the Lithuanian delegation visit accompanied by the Honorary Consul of Lithuanian Republic in Dniepropetrovsk and officials of DSRA were held in some of regions in ATO zone – cities Krasnoarmiisk and Kramatorsk where they visited the equipped evacuation posts for resident of these cities. Despite that these cities have announced as free of the fighters, the delegation were accompanied of military bodyguards from battalion “Dnipro -1” and issued with body armors. The guests had an opportunity to see evidently the reality of despair of attacked people from affected territory. During the meeting with the residents P. Auštrevičiu underlined that he would continued to create and promote effective mechanisms in European Parliament aimed to protect Ukraine interests: official recognition and conviction military crimes from aggressor side against Ukraine, to reach the consensus of all political groups of EP about EU membership of Ukraine as soon as possible, to allocate funds for reconstruction the East of Ukraine.

 Taisiya Shulga – the secretary of the Honorary Consulate



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