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As of March 31, 2012, the total foreign direct investment (FDI) in Lithuania amounted to LTL 42.9 billion (EUR 12.4 billion). During the first quarter of 2012, it increased by 15.4 percent. FDI per capita amounted to LTL 13,443 (EUR 3893 ) on average. The largest investments were made by the Swedish , Polish, and German investors. Cumulative FDI in Lithuania with the EU - 27 was ( 75.4 percent of total FDI ) 32.3 billion litas from CIS countries - LTL 2,9 billion (6.8 percent).

Major investors in Lithuania are "PKN Orlen", "Western Union", "Barclays", "Thermo Fisher Scientific", " Philip Morris ", " SEB " and "Danske Bank".

As of 31 March 2012, the total Lithuanian direct investment abroad amounted to LTL 5.7 billion ( EUR 1.7 billion ). During the first quarter of 2012, it increased by 6.6 percent. The largest Lithuanian investments have been made in the Netherlands , Latvia and Cyprus.

In 2011, compared to 2010 , gross ( pre-tax ) income in the economy as a whole grew by 2.9 percent and amounted to LTL 2045, net (after tax ) income - increased by 2.7 percent and amounted to LTL 1594. However, real income fell by 1.3 percent , which means that in 2011, consumer prices grew faster than net income.

Agency for promoting direct investment in Lithuania

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