Honorary consulate of the Republic of Lithuania

The concert in Organ and Chamber Music Hall for national minorities of the city

Classical Music heals the soul, units the human hearts.


Our country has been living through the difficult and tense time.  Cultural values ​​unite and encourage spiritual growth of people,give enrichment and life-affirming human feelings.

Dniepropetrovsk House of Organ and Chamber Music Hall, that is located on Kalinin Avenue 66, holds wonderful concert evenings. In April  the concerts are dedicated to Passover and spring holidays. Today on  the 30 th of April was  a concert named "25 years  on the Musical Olympus". To the concert were invited the employees of Culture Organizations and representatives of national minorities of Dniepropetrovsk. The concert  impressed the guests – Tatiana Vasyleva, Svetlana Tyre, Irina Lobanova, Galina Hmel-Dunay from Lithuanian community and  Yevgeniya Kucheryava from Lithuanian Honorary Consulate.

Gorgeous classical music gives positive emotions, touches the depths of the human heart, provides an opportunity to plunge into the world of beauty and harmony  It is the values ​​that unite people, spiritually enriching  them and the thing that  has been, is and will be invaluable always.


T. Titarchuk


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