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May Festival

 On the 1-2  of May 2014 was held May Festival called ,, One country – one family”  with the support of the Dniepropetrovsk Regional State Administration and the Dniepropetrovsk Regional Council.

It was in the format  of picnic  that was more familiar to people  of the city.The authorities decided to "legalize" May Day picnics in the city park Vorontzov.

Thousands of citizens  came here to visit the beach, sport events and different workshops.

This  event  was organized among National Societies such as : Armenians, Belarusians , Germans , Koreans, Roma , Greeks , Poles  and as well as the representatives from Lithuanian center " Hintaras." This year it turns 12 years. The event presented the Lithuanian center photographs, which reflects the events and participation of the Lithuanian center " Hintaras " in social activities of the city and the region over the last years. The holiday guests saw some literature that introduced the state of Lithuania, its culture, history and European education in universities of Lithuania.

 However, visitors could get acquainted with traditional costumes of Lithuanians and Ukrainians. They could see similarities in some items of clothing as well as the culture of life.

People who visited this event were dipped in a special family atmosphere.



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