Honorary consulate of the Republic of Lithuania

Lithuanian pediatricians present device for examination skin relative availability oncological diseases to Dniepropetrovsk children’s hospital

In the frame of wide range program of Lithuania government, purposed on targeted assistance toward different ways, in April, 13-24, Dniepropetrovsk has being visited by pediatrician oncohematologist Vilma Rutkauskaite. With the assistance of the Honorary consulate of Lithuania in Dniepropetrovsk and I.Makedonskyi, Director of the Health care department of the Dniepropetrovsk state regional administration, the busy program of medical practice was provided by Lithuania doctor jointly with Dniepropetrovsk’s specialists based in Children’s regional hospital. The aim of this long visit was the sharing of the experience regarding the detection of the children’s oncological diseases at the early stage, regarding the methods of psychology support for little patients with such diseases, such as detailed research deficiencies in treatment for oncological patients, and elimination for achievement European standards in medical service. 

The doctor provided several lectures for our paediatricians, took part in practice discussion on the regional TV and “brain storm” meeting with paediatricians – oncohematologists. The visual review of Miss Rutkauskaite of medical service in our state became one of the first steps toward the short-term reforms. It would be realised in the early summer with the assistance of EU specialists.

During the meeting in the Honorary consulate with Honorary consul Vitaliy Pivnyak, such important subjects as the opportunity to help injured children from ATO zone by the Lithuanian side and the redirection of those children to Lithuanian children’ hospitals have been discussed.

During the final meeting regarding the visit in cooperation with the regional health care governance and Lithuanian Honorary consul Vitaliy Pivnyak, Miss Vilma passed to Dniepropetrovsk children’s hospital 25690.0 hrn on behalf of all Lithuanian paediatricians from filiation of Vilnius University Hospital of Santarikshsk clinics. This amount of money was collected via charity action. The needed by our hospital apparatus “Cryosystem KM-02M” and some medicine were bought at all amounting (glucose, sodium chloride and drip systems – 100 units of each items). “Cryosystem KM-02M” is vitally needed for the examination of biological fabric regarding the presence of oncological diseases.



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