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Dniepropetrovsk delegation visits Lithuania

April 14-17, 2015 the Ukrainian regional reporters’ delegation headed by Tetyana Guba, Advisor of the Head of Dniepropetrovsk state regional administration, was invited with the working visit to Lithuania Republic. During the business trip the delegation was informed of the conditions of the Ukrainian soldiers’ rehabilitation in the Druskininkai military hospital. In turn Dniepropetrovsk journalists had the opportunity to communicate with Lithuanian colleges not only about Ukrainian-Lithuanian relations but concerning the deep professional approaches of their job. Due to Lithuania had done the great breakthrough towards the democratical social and state development, it was very useful for Ukrainian specialists to talk with the journalists who have had successful embodied high ‘free speech’ standards after enough short post soviet statehood period.

The value model of effective psychological and physiological health restores of the soldiers the Lithuanian government is planning to embody in our region from this year the reformation of the medical service by attraction of the high category specialists from the EU . That information was confirmed once more by A.Skorupskas, Advisor of Health Minister during the meeting with the delegates.

The significant expression of the unindifference to Ukrainian society was the meeting with the representatives of a number non-government organizations, who wanted to receive from Ukrainian delegation not only information about the reality of volunteer movement in the Dniepropetrovsk region, but concerning the specific issues with which the NGO has been ready to help . We hope, the direct exchange of the contacts will bring good news about the resolving issues which happened with settlers from ATO zone, volunteers and reporters. 


Lithuanians: “We want Ukraine to overcome the democracy way as soon as possible”

Delegation from Dnipropetrovsk region paid working visit to Lithuania 

"After first visit to Lithuania you fall in love with this country…"



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