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Lithuanian doctors visit Dnipropetrovsk

A Lithuanian medical delegation, which has visited Dnipropetrovsk from the 2nd till the 5 th of March, and represented by Martynas Martsenkevichyus , the director of the Vilnius Center of Psychiatric Health,  and by Emilys Subata , Director of the Vilnius Addiction Research Center ,  arrived for the second time in the Dnipropetrovsk Region.

The purpose of their visit was to monitor the medics’ practical implementation of previously acquired knowledge and skills. As a result, the Lithuanian party assessed the efficiency of the programme under the real conditions of Ukrainian medical sphere and discussed the possibility of its prolongation and expansion.

On the 3rd of March, 2016, some experts in psychological rehabilitation, under the auspices of Vitaliy Pivnyak, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania in Dnipropetrovsk,  visited the State Administration of the Dnipropetrovsk Region .  Such important points as the main stages of elaboration, implementation and first achievements of the programme of psychosocial and social rehabilitation of Anti-Terrorist Operation participants, their families and refugees have been discussed during the meeting with the authorities of the Regional State Administration. Moreover, the plan for further work in 2016 year, as part of the preparation for sending 40 experts to Lithuania for a practical psychosocial and social rehabilitation course, was also discussed and negotiated.


Natalia Budiak, the head of Healthcare Department of the Regional State Administration, stated that our region relies heavily on the expert support and advice of the Lithuanian specialists regarding the question of the European standard rehabilitation of soldiers.

“Lithuania is a post-Soviet country, which at some point in the past history was at the same stage as our country is going through now. So together, we are going to continue the training of the specialists in rehabilitation sphere. The main precious asset is the knowledge, that our medical staff will obtain” – she said.

During the visit, the delegation of the Republic of Lithuania visited five specialized hospitals in Dnipropetrovsk Region. Among them:   “Rehabilitation center for injured soldiers”, “Dnipropetrovsk Municipal Polyclinic № 1”, “Dnipropetrovsk dependency clinic” and “Dnipropetrovsk psychiatric hospital”.



At the meeting in rehabilitation center




At the meeting with the Head doctor of Municipal Polyclinic № 1





   At the meeting in narcological dispensary

Local experts are convinced that the experience exchange, new knowledge and sharing the ideas among specialists will greatly contribute to the creation of a  powerful rehabilitation base in the region.



Meeting with participants of the seminar



In conclusion,  the Lithuanian delegation visited the museum “Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine”.





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