Honorary consulate of the Republic of Lithuania

Lithuania celebrates 25th anniversary of the defense of freedom of Lithuania

This national memorable day was set as a reminder of the events of January 13, 1991 in Vilnius. On this day, 25 years ago, at the Vilnius television center were bloody events, during which 14 unarmed people were killed and over a thousand were injured in the military assault of TV tower and television center by Soviet paratroopers.

Trying to overthrow the legally elected government, the Soviet army occupied TV tower and the Committee radio and television building on the night of January 13, 1991 in Vilnius. The Soviet army was not bent on storm the building of the Parliament, what was protected by tens of thousands of citizens. But it failed to avoid victims near the tower, when paratroopers began to move military equipment and shoot at unarmed people. January 13 Lithuania remembers and commemorates those who laid down their life for the freedom altar.

On this day various events and actions are held in Lithuania, such as demonstrations and rallies, ceremonies, civic education lessons in schools and exhibitions. In the evening holy masses are at the Cathedral of Vilnius, in churches and prayer houses of religious communities.

On behalf of all residents of our city Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania in Dnipropetrovsk expresses deepest regrets to the Lithuanian people. On January 15, under the auspices of Vitaliy Pivnyak, the head of the Consulate, such action as flying of the Lithuanian flag will take place in the city center in order to support Lithuanian people who are fighting for democratic values and peaceful transformation of their country.

It is to be recalled that in a difficult time for Ukraine, after the events of the Revolution of Dignity, Lithuania gave us a helping hand. With the support of the government of the Republic of Lithuania and the direct participation of the Honorary Consulate of Lithuania in Dnipropetrovsk 60 ATO soldiers have rehabilitated in Lithuanian medical center.


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