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On October, 2th, 2017 Vitaliy Pivnyak, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania in Dnipro, congratulated children suffered during the ongoing military operations in eastern Ukraine with the beginning of a new academic year. Today they went to study in the Republic of Lithuania.


A great deal of serious work has been done. This is the fourth group of Ukrainian teenagers who will get down to learning at Vilnius Lithuanian House. Lithuania provides a unique opportunity to get European education for children living in the conflict zone and children who have lost one of their parents during the ATO. We express a deep gratitude to our friends from Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration who was part of the team and helped to organize the departure," Vitaliy Pivnyak said.


According to the government programme, there are 15 children in the group from Dnipropetrovsk Consular District, who were invited by the Lithuanian side to help some of the Ukrainian families who were in a difficult position due to terrible events in the East of Ukraine to ensure decent and safe conditions for study and residence for their children. Currently, only 9 of them are in Lithuania.

"I'm ineffably glad that my son joined this programme. Staying in another country inspire to hard learning, new achievements and positive changes in life. But I'm sure that visiting Europe it is important not to forget about Ukraine. Ukraine is really a very beautiful country, integration into Europe will contribute to its development and the whole world will see our splendor and then Ukraine will also bloom on the map of the world. I hope that in the future the children will be able to realize the positive aspects, received from the programme for the prosperity of our country," said the mother of one of the schoolchildren.

In the same way as before, the children and teacher of the Ukrainian language, who was also invited to the Republic of Lithuania, during the 2017/2018 academic year, will be provided with free accommodation, seasonal clothing, pocket-money and entertainment tours by European country. Lithuanian Embassy in Ukraine and Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania in Dnipro were engaged in children’s departure.


It is worth noting that this is only part of the effort from Lithuania to help the Ukrainians. Thus, Lithuanian politicians, in particular Andrius Kubilius, are the old "advocates" of Ukraine, namely, Andrius Kubilius is going to present the "Marshall Plan for Ukraine" in Dnipro and later at the Eastern Partnership Summit (Brussels) in November. The Lithuanian government has many projects related to the rehabilitation of fighters to its credit. The people of Lithuania show true solidarity to Ukraine.

"Fortune favors those who are not afraid of difficulties and responsibilities, who are ready to make a greater effort to realize their potential and intentions. For example, 11 Ukrainian students from previous years were offered to stay and get a complete secondary education and then they will be able to enter European universities"- Honorary Consul emphasized.


We wish students have fun this year, show curiosity, learn the history and culture of Lithuania, to tie new contacts with peers, as friendly relations between people is the strongest foundation of a happy and peaceful neighborhood between countries.



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