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The delegation of Lithuanian Foreign Ministry representatives arrives in Dnipropetrovsk

On September 21st, the delegation of representatives from Foreign Ministry of Lithuanian Republic has arrived in Dnipropetrovsk with a working visit. Thanks to the help of Vitaliy Pivnyak, Honorary consul of Lithuania in Dniepropetrovsk, there has been the meeting between Lithuanian diplomats and Dnipropetrovsk state region administration . 

During the meeting the head of the delegation Liliya Junene, Chief of the bilateral cooperation division of the Development cooperation Department of Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, has informed Ukrainian side about the willingness to embody the project concerning the teaching the practical skills Dnipropetrovsk medical institutions staff by foreign specialists- rehabilitologists. In its turn, Ukrainian side has announced about its willingness to host the specialists from the EU in the nearest prospect and has proposed the guests to visit the hospital that soon will finish its outfit for using as the first rehabilitation center in our region.

The Lithuanian delegation has praised the achievements of rehabilitation center “foundation”, which were reached by Dnipropetrovsk state regional administration since the previous visit of the Lithuanian government officials. 

The result of the meeting has become the agreement that the Lithuanian side is sending the team of specialists to Dnipropetrovsk in early October, which will match with the grand “pilot” opening of the rehabilitation center in Dnieprpetrovsk.



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