Honorary consulate of the Republic of Lithuania

Lithuania proposes to extend medical assistance to Ukraine

On December,17 on a working visit to Dnipropetrovsk the delegation from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania arrived. The main purpose of the visit is to make the acquaintance of the situation to the victims in the area of ATO zone that are treated now and the needs of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinical Hospital named after Mechnikov, so that to provide them professional and financial support in the nearest future.

In the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania in Dnipropetrovsk Vitaly Pivnyak met with the delegation headed by Advisor to the Minister of Health of Lithuania Arvydas Skorupskas. While talking, Honorary Consul previously acquainted the specialists with some circumstances in which hospitals in Dnipropetrovsk region have appeared due to the fact that our region is bordered with the territory that is in the zone of military events in Eastern Ukraine.

During the meeting with the Chief Doctor of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Hospital named after Mechnykov, S.Ryzhenko, to the Lithuanian side were clearly and in detail demonstrated the conditions under which the operations of various types have been made and shown the medical equipment of surgical, neurosurgical, trauma departments and so on. Looking at the situation in which Ukraine has appeared it was agreed to allocate government assistance from Lithuania in the short term.

With the support of the Honorary Consulate of Lithuania the delegation was met by Adviser of the Head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Administration, Boris Treyherman. During the meeting the Ukrainian side thanked the Lithuanian government for the help of various kinds which has been given for already several months. Lithuanian side confirmed their intention to continue providing the humanitarian and professional assistance to Ukraine.


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