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Lithuania hosts injured kids in ATO zone for rehabilitation

Despite the constant professional medical aid to Ukrainian militants in single-purpose rehabilitation centers, the Ministry of health care of Lithuania has provided budget money for the rehabilitation course to the minor children from the families, which were injured in ATO zone. On July 29, with the assistance of Ms. Hanna Podlesna, the representative of the Honorary consulate in Dniepropetrovsk, has gone from Dniepropetrovsk to Vilnius with 7-years old twins Mykola and Vaniya and their 9-years old sister Kateryna Goncharovy together with 3-years old Melaniya Abdurashytova and her guardian grandmother. Every of those children received wounds with the different severity while military operations in ATO zone. After doctors got all splinters from the bodies of the little patients, operated them, removed the plasters and Elizarov apparatus, the children have had to learn to walk again, develop the limb of arms and feet and get used to the new life conditions. In this sense of the rehabilitation course it has been very important for the physiology and psychology health recovery. Under the promotion of Vitaliy Pivnyak, Honorary consul of Lithuania in Dniepropetrovsk and Dniepropetrovsk state region administration were prepared all necessary documents for children for abroad travelling in the short time and were resolved all logistic issues.

The children doctors from rehabilitation centre ,,The Sun’’ in Druskininkai, where the kids will be staying, work out the personal program according to every little Ukrainians‘ health status. The returning to Ukraine is planned in 28-35 days. We hope the health and moods of our kids will be improved soon.


          Reporters interested  in children about their feelings concerning fly to friendly Lithuania  

                               Honcharovy Vania, Katiya and Mykola are ready to distant trip

Vitaliy Pivniak, Honorary consul, and Vitaliy Lytvyn, adviser to the Head of Dniepropetrovsk state regional

administration, are see off Honcharovy Vania, Katiya and Mykola in airport "Dniepropetrovsk" 

 Vitaliy Pivniak has presented toys to the children if only they don't miss their mother and grandmother



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