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June 7 celebration of the 12th anniversary of LKDTS

Lithuanians of Dniepropetrovsk

"Gintaras" –  is an oasis of Lithuanian culture in Ukraine. "Gintaras" is Business and Cultural Center of immigrants from Lithuania or – Lithuanian community of Dnipropetrovsk.
"Gintaras" is translated from Lithuanian as,, amber ( amber )''.  Lithuanians love and appreciate this stone, decorate their clothes on holidays and  everyday life .With the same purpose  the Lithuanians  of Dnepropetrovsk adore  this word and decorate their life in Ukraine  following the ancient traditions .
Mutual support and communication between Lithuanians and Ukrainian accompany our people in the days of old history and the present . It could contribute  a friendly and warm atmosphere between  two countries and people. We are proud  that Taras Shevchenko  studied at Vilnius University and  the great Lithuanian poet Maironis studied at Kiev University.
In modern relationship between the nations of Lithuania and Ukraine we see the same needs for freedom and independence . It is appropriate to recall the turbulent January 1991 , when the Ukrainian , who lived in Lithuania, together with Lithuanians guarded the Lithuanian parliament during an armed aggression by the Soviet Union. Lithuanians are grateful to the citizens of Ukraine who supported their struggle for independence .
Nowadays when we have difficult time when in the eastern part of Ukraine there are hostile formation, Lithuania comprehensively helps in word and deed Ukrainian state to find their place in the community of successful nations. The pertinent symbolism is invisible, but positive developments can be seen on the days of the election of the Presidents of our countries. The second round of the presidential elections of the President of Lithuania and Ukraine took place on the same day – May  the 25th.
Lithuanian Cultural and Business center " Gintaras "is  fully implemented in society of finest cultural heritage and traditions of the Lithuanian people during the celebration of the  12th anniversary  from the foundation (June 4 , 2002) .
12 years – it's a lot or a little? 12 years –it is almost frantically in the space of the universe .It is a lot from the staying in a true story of  building a Lithuanian community.
What is significant for us the date of the 12th anniversary ?
First of all  the events:

  • First of all -we have a warm , friendly and almost family relationships among people of all ages and professions that have developed over the years of our association,
  • We study the Lithuanian language , communicating here on Ukrainian soil , which further unites us in love and devotion to Lithuania.
  • The measure of different content aimed at the conservation and the introduction of Ukrainian society .Lithuanian culture and traditionsa we feel and express in holiday, songs , dance, folk art , and of course, Lithuanian cuisine – these are things that give the inspiration  to Lithuanians  who did not lose their own roots here in Ukraine .
  • "Gintaras" is a place where you can learn about the news  and last events from Lithuania , mentally and spiritually  live with your homeland,
  • "Gintaras" is a bridge between Ukraine and Lithuania , where you can find  people who are close to Lithuania.

Of course, 12 years it is a young age . Ahead of us there are a lot of creative plans and events. We wish to " Gintaras " the futher development , acquisition of facilities in different areas of activity , new achievements in the creation and discovery, revealing the talents of all members of the community. We are open to new members and together we can  maintain and increase the cultural, educational, business relations and cooperation between Lithuania and Ukraine .


Greetings from

members of the Society – Tatyana Vasilyeva and Chairman of the Board -Galina Khmil-Dunai.


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