Honorary consulate of the Republic of Lithuania

Hi-tech device was passed to Dniepropetrovsk children’s hospital

On May, 27 the apparatus “Cryosystem KM-02M” was presented to Dniepropetrovsk children’s hospital on behalf of  Lithuanian paediatricians from branch of Vilnius University Hospital of Santarikshsk clinics. The unique benefits of the devise is the ability to freeze quickly the biological fabric and the knife at the same time (-80°С till -300°С) for histological and pathomorphological examination of the biological fabric samples. This apparatus was specialy constructed by the Kharkiv specialists according to the custom of the Honorary consulate of Lithuania in Dniepropetorvsk for the money , which had been passed by Dr. Vilma Rutkauskaite during her visit to Dniepropetrovsk.



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