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Anniversary of Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence

For Lithuanian Republic 2015 was special of significant dates such as 25 years after the restoration of independence in 1991 and 97 years after the restoration of Lithuanian statehood. Nowadays, friendly to Ukraine, Lithuania is one of examples of a stable development of the country that had been for long years in the Soviet Union, resolutely decided to change it’s direction towards the European community and get the feeling of independence.

The history of such ordinary country for Europe according to population and territory is rather curious and complicated. But on the finish of desired country’s development which determine by historians, reseaches in sphere of theory of state and law, scientists who analiyse globalization effect to the world – Lithuania has become Democratic Parliamentary Republic. Democracy as the fundamental paradigm of the European value system has already been adopted by Lithuanian public society, according to official data of British Economic Intelligence Union in 2014, it is on a quite high level. This is not only the result of the signing the Association Agreement in recent 1995 but is unsteady processes of centuries time development and periods of prosperity and decadance during the history that have built Lithuanian Republic for today.

When you come to famous capital Vilnyus you can feel the sprit of the ancience and the honor of Lithuanians to their own history: roads and promenade squares of the Old City covered with cobbles, fences like a stone fortress, there are a lot of orthodox, catholic cathedrals and churches that lead to the Cathedral in the centre of the city. Despite the fact that world history begins in Lithuanian state from early XIII century, according to Duke Mindaugas, who was able to unite, increase and reinforceLithuanian borders in principality status, Lithuanians also salute to Duke Gedymin (Gediminius), who has governed on later period, and the main street of the capital was named in his honor. Since the Grand Duchy of Lithuania originate the common connection with Ukraine and separation of nation, cultural, language, and finally, social ties .

25 years of Independence, 75 years since the Day of liberation of Nazi occupantion, 97 years from the restoration of Lithuanian statehood,… and so having rewind the historical periods of the reign of King Mindaugas, we can say one thing – when people of similar ethnic group form its own language, its own culture, educate their leaders, with whom public has more brightly perception of their identity and safety – there is the Birth of a Nation.


Today it is imposible to overestimate the contribution of Lithuanians , the Government and the President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskayte into Ukrainian-Lithuanian relations, and what is more – Ukraine’s relations with the European Union and NATO. In the most difficult and critical periods for our country, the leader of the friendly country like a cornerstone from the European Parliament tribune invokes the members of all groups and leaders of European countries to join efforts to resist the forcible events in the East and South of Ukraine.

Ukrainian society expressed its appreciation to the President of Lithuanian Republic and voted for her candidacy for the International Award “Person of the Year -2014” in political and social activities

Due to freedom of speech and access to domestic and foreign sources of information, governmental and non-governmental measures are broadcasting for Ukrainian society.

Several large-scale governmental projects have been implemented in Dniepropetrovsk: from departure Ukrainian injured militats in ATO-zone to Lithuania for the rehabilitation by special military airplane, the humanitarian aid such as medicines, the modern reanimobile “Ambulance” and medical aquipment to the epicentre of patiets treatment – Dniepropetrovsk regional clinical hospital named after Mechnikov and the departure of Ukrainian schoolchildren from the East of Ukraine to the Internathional gimnasium in Vilnius, where they have been studing on Europian level and live in safety conditions.

The Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Dniepropetrovsk Vitaliy Pivnyak on behalf of all Ukrainians ,who feel friendly support from Lithuanian society, congratulates Lithuanians on Anniversary of Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence and wishes prosperity and enrichment to Lithuanian nation!


Receprion of Lithuanian Embassy to Kyiv on the ocasion of 25 years Anniversary of Independence


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