Honorary consulate of the Republic of Lithuania


On December 12, 1991 Ukraine and Lithuania signed a Protocol on Establishing of Diplomatic Relations.

The way of development of Diplomatic Service of independent Ukraine on the world stage turned out to be thorny and quite difficult starting from the recognition of independence of Ukraine and ending with the formation of international and strategic diplomatic relations.

Government of the Republic of Lithuania has repeatedly confirmed its support to our country in its European and Euro-Atlantic choices. The strengthening of Ukrainian-Lithuanian relations started in the second half of the 1990, when the legal basis of bilateral cooperation between the countries was basically formed.

25 years is sufficient term to summarize the first results. As of the end of 2016 the cooperation between Ukraine and Lithuania is regulated bymore than 150 bilateral documents, including those 5 at the interstate level, 30 at intergovernmental level and 50 interagency agreements.

During a quarter of a century our diplomacy has become much more experienced and sophisticated. Ukraine has almost entered into the creation of joint "European home", developing productive cooperation with the Lithuanian state. Further strengthening of the Ukrainian-Lithuanian relations dialogue will open to our citizens more opportunities in terms to explore the culture of both countries, will provide a valuable chance for realization of joint ideas and development of new activities in the spheres of business, trade, culture, tourism, education and science. Lithuania was one of the first who recognized the independence of Ukraine and has been supporting the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian state over 25 years.



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