Honorary consulate of the Republic of Lithuania

Lithuania takes care of wounded soldiers

Lithuanian Embassy in Ukraine supported the initiative of  Governor of  Dnipropetrovsk  city about the possibility of transportation and referral for treatment to Lithuania  the wounded soldiers  during the war in the area of ​​counter-terrorism operations in the east of Ukraine.

Lithuania has a number of measures to assist Ukraine. In early September, the Lithuanian plane Air Force C-27J Spartan came to Kiev with humanitarian aid, that is 4.5 tons of dry food rations, medical supplies and sleeping bags (according to the Lithuanian Embassy in Ukraine).

  The next plane is expected on 13th of September, which will land in Dnepropetrovsk city.  This plane will transport 15 people from Dnipropetrovsk hospitals. Currently, the preparation for transportation of wounded soldiers in Lithuania is actively developing . Ukrainian doctors of Regional Hospital «Mechnikov» and Lithuanian experts consult regarding the wounded and the determination of their damages. Preparation of documents, issuance of visas and coordination of actions between the Ukrainian and Lithuanian parties does the  Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania in Dniepropetrovsk. Lithuanian side fully  assumes the payment for transportation, for treatment of the wounded and provides skilled care. The Attaché of Lithuania Mindaugas Kviklis, who is responsible for defense, comes in Dnipropetrovsk  to help and regulate questions regarding the departure of military aircraft with Ukrainian wounded to Lithuania.


Tetiana Titarchuk – Senior advisor of the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania in Dniepropetrovsk



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