Travel Lithuania

Lithuania is a perfect vacation for the romantic travellers. Nothing can spoil their pleasure  - neither the unbearable heat, nor noise and teeming throngs of people typical of the Mediterranean coast. They are searching for something more idyllic and Lithuania’s seaside resorts offer just that, attracting visitors with their laid-back atmosphere, endless white dunes, pine groves and clear air.

Palanga, a popular seaside resort in western Lithuania, gets exceptionally busy during the summer season, which lasts to the end of September. This resort offers different kinds of entertainment such as cycling or walking along sandy beaches and pine woods. You are sure to be charmed by  the art-shops, jazz concerts on the numerous terraces at night. The Tyszkiewicz Palace, founded in 1897 by magnate Feliks Tyszkiewicz is a veritable gem of Palanga. It is surrounded by a magnificent botanical garden. The Neo-Renaissance style palace now houses the Palanga Amber Museum, which comprises about 28 000 pieces of “Lithuanian gold”. The museum hosts Europe’s third largest amber specimen, the Sun Stone, that dates back to more than 35 million years ago.

Neringa is another renowned resort in Lithuania. It is located in the Curonian Spit National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. Thanks to its pristine nature, excellent ecological conditions, the area has been a major tourist destination since the late 19th century. Back then, it attracted many artists and ‘’men of letters’’, including famous German writer Thomas Mann. In the 1930s, the Nobel Prize laureate spent several months a year in his summerhouse in the town of Nida, and it is there that he wrote his novel Joseph and his Brothers. Another famous visitor to Neringa was the “Father of Psychotherapy” Sigmund Freud. Many beaches on the Curonian Spit, primarily around Nida, have been awarded a Blue Flag, marking their highest ecological standards. Beaches of the quiet resort - village of Juodkrante - are excellent for kitesurfing, windsurfing, paragliding and sailing on ‘’kurenai”- old wooden vessels, built by local fishermen according to old blueprints.

On the western Lithuanian coast, where the Baltic Sea flows into the Curonian Lagoon, is the resort of Klaipeda. Through to 1525, the city was called Memel and belonged to the Teutonic Knights, and until 1923 - to Germany, the fact that is reflected in the architecture of this Baltic gem. Now, it is the third largest city in Lithuania with clean sandy beaches, the most popular being those in Smiltyne, Giruliai and Melnrage. One of the most important reasons to visit Klaipeda, in addition to its rich architectural heritage and resort charms, is the local beer, produced at the country’s oldest brewery, Svyturys, which was established in 1784. You can try unfiltered Baltas, strong, dark, amber-coloured Baltijos or Svyturio pale lager - all of them are exceptional.

The romantic and rugged Baltic Sea coast is an ideal destination for those who want to escape the August heat and sun, and to relax at less searing temperatures. Awaiting you on the coastlines of Lithuania are vast sandy beaches, resorts, pine groves and pieces of amber, generously cast around on the shore by the emerald water.