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Visit of medics from Kardiolita Hospital to Dnipropetrovsk

On  April 15th of the current year, a visit of a delegation from the Lithuanian medical clinic "Kardiolita" was held in the Dnipropetrovsk. The visit was headed by Deputy of the General Director Andrius Yonutis, by the regional manager and the head of the Centre of foreign markets in Ukraine – Renate Hritene, by the representative of the clinic in Ukraine – Mindaugas Pobedinskas, by the professor of the arrhythmology Audrius Aydetysom and by the angio-surgeon Arturas Matskyavichus.

The purpose of the visit was to carry out a workshop and to present the medical services of the Lithuanian specialists for the local doctors in such spheres as therapy and cardiology. At this event such topics as "Novelties in the treatment of heart rhythm disturbance" and "Solving problems withblood vessels in the clinic Kardiolita" were discussed.

Given the previous successful experience of the Lithuanian experts in the Regional Clinical Hospital of the Dnipropetrovsk named after Mechnikov, the head of the Consular office of the Republic of Lithuania in Dnipropetrovsk, Vitaliy Pivnyak, contributed to the continuation of this cooperation and to the hosting of the eventat the  hospital, which was mentioned above. 


Meeting of Ryzhenko Serhiy, chief doctor of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinical Hospital named after Mechnikov with Lithuanian delegation




Workshop for local experts


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