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Vilnius through the eyes of children from Eastern Ukraine

Unexpected events on the East of Ukraine have brought big forced changes in the life of adults as well as in destiny of young Ukrainians. They had to feel shock and fear due to the military events, leave their native houses, change the schools and habitual entourage. But the changes in our life are that denominators which determine our destiny. They say one trip day to another country sometimes brings more positive in a person’s life than a few settled years in their country.

Continuing the story about schoolchildren who were hosted by Lithuania for temporary residence and studying in Vilnius Lithuanian House we would like to tell about the first children impressions from Vilnius.

Ambassador of Lithuania to Ukraine Petras Vaitiekunas wished “Bon voyage and success in studying” to children in Ukrainian airport “Boryspil” and in Vilnius airport they were warm and paternal greeted by Director of Vilnius Lithuanian House Gintautas Rudsinskas. At the first meeting with the teachers our schoolchildren were presented with some special attributes of gymnasium uniform. It was a good addition to presented schoolbags by Honorary consul of Lithuania in Dniepropetrovsk V.Pivnyak.

The children were settled in the hostel located at the territory of gymnasium by two people in the room. The form-master was assigned the teacher who went with the children for teaching Ukrainian language and literature. Independently of success studying the Lithuanian government is provided all students with monthly scholarship in 100 litas (about 500 hryvna). The total amount for the whole time of studying is 330 000 litas.

Thus paying no attention to the difficult conditions in which there were hundreds of families from Eastern Ukraine Lithuania Republic has provided dignified and safe conditions for studying of 15 students who have got the opportunity to get an experience of European education, communicate with the coevals from different states, learn English easily. Who knows maybe this time will be crucial for the definition of their further life vectors.

Video of Lithuanian TV “Current time”

                The introduction with the Director and teachers of Vilnius Lithuanian House

                The new school is the new expectations! 

                The habituation to the new everyday life

                The city walks: near the Lithhuanian President residence 

                Near the Roman Catholic church of St.Anna


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