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Statehood Day in Lithuania

July the 6th is celebrated as Statehood Day in Lithuania.

"Lithuania, our homeland,

You are the land of heroes

And your sons are building

the greatness faith of your past"

     It is a national holiday dedicated to the Duke Mindaugas Coronation Day, that took place in 1252. This event formed the basis of the Day statehood in Lithuania. Since then, Lithuania has focus on strengthening the values ​​of Western democracy.

Mindaugas Coronation Day became a state day in Lithuania, as this facilitated the integration of Duke of Lithuania in the Western world and its state formation. Mindaugas considered a statesman who played a crucial role in  consolidation of the Lithuanian lands.

There is the ceremony of raising the national flag of Lithuania on Statehood Day in Lithuania near the presidential palace . In the evening people take part at the festive mass that rule  at Vilnius Cathedral . 

"Let the love of Lithuania burns

In hearts as colorful bowl.

In honor of the fate of Lithuania is

Our Unity! "


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