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In view of the results of agreements between Vilnius Mental Health Center and the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania in Dnipro, the Commission of the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to Ukraine reconciled the project of "Development of Services for Mental and Physical Rehabilitation of the Military Persons Affected by the ATO Operation and other persons who suffered from Russian aggression in Dnipropetrovsk region". The programme is going to combine efforts of military and civilian physicians, experts on physical and psychological rehabilitation.

In this regard, on June 12-15, the delegation of the representatives of the political and medical circles of the Republic of Lithuania visited Dnipropetrovsk region. The delegations included Odeta Vitkūnienė – Chancellor of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Lithuania, Beliackiene Daiva – Chancellor of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Lithuania, Lanauskas Ricardas – Head of the Center for Rehabilitation of the Military Medical Service of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Lithuania (Druskininkai), Yutisvičius Alvidas – Head of the Department of Rehabilitation of the Hospital of the Vilnius University "Santaros klinikos" and Martsinkevičius Martinas – Project Manager, Director of Vilnius Center for Mental Health;

The visit has concluded the end of the negotiations for the launch of the project. In this regard, the delegates personally became acquainted with the work of the project partners from Dnipropetrovsk region, namely: "Dnipropetrovsk Regional Physiotherapy Hospital "Solonyi Lyman" and "Dnipropetrovsk Mechnikov Regional Clinical Hospital".



Dnipropetrovsk Regional Physiotherapy Hospital "Solonyi Lyman


"The relevance of the raised topic is simply over the top. Gratitude to colleagues from Lithuania for their indifference and understanding. During the years of the war, Martynas Martsenkavičius has repeatedly visited Mechnikov's hospital and saw with his own eyes the pain and suffering of the guys who had been shot and blown up by the explosion. Their physical, social and mental health is the key to the health of the nation. If we don’t provide it now, we will soon get dozens of suicides and deaths from alcohol and drugs on a daily basis," Sergiy Ryzhenko, Chief Doctor of Dnipropetrovsk Mechnikov Hospital said.





"You have a unique experience of saving the severely wounded," Chancellor of the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense Daiva Beliackiene said. – Our position is in following – rehabilitation should begin immediately after the return of the soldier from the front. Therefore, he could as soon as possible come to a normal civilian life. We have rich experience in this. So already this autumn we are waiting for internship in Lithuania of medical doctors from your city".

Also, officials got acquainted with the activities of the center of psychosocial disorder for combatants, based on the Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs. In the future, the center may become one of the partners of the programme.



At the initiative of the local authorities, delegates were given a military helicopter along Dnipro-Pokrovsk-Dnipro route to visit Pokrovsk 66th Military Mobile Hospital, doctor-nurse team in the hospitals of the cities of Avdiivka, Selidove, Kurakhove, and get acquainted with the work of the medical service of 93th mobile team along locations in the Joint Forces Operation. Thanks to this, they were able to understand the algorithm of evacuating of wounded soldiers and providing them with first aid.


"About 200 employees of Dnipro airport take part in the evacuation of the wounded. The interaction with the military in the ATO zone for the evacuation of the victims, and with doctors from Dnipro – on sorting and hospitalization of the wounded. Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration became the coordination center of help that has saved thousands of our defenders"- director of Dnipro International Airport Sergiy Kryvorotchenko said.

It shoud be recall that in 2015-2017 Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania and Vilnius Center for Mental Health have successfully completed project on Aid for Ukrainian Eastern Regions in reforming the system of mental healthcare and pursuing the reformation of the psychosocial rehabilitation sector in Dnipropetrovsk and Poltava region. Following on from the successful experience of cooperation, the Government of the Republic of Lithuania is now aiming to create the first in Ukraine integrated rehabilitation programme in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.


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