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Meeting of National Minorities in Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration

The meeting with the Deputy Governor of Dniepropetrovsk Boris Filatov was held on the 03.06.2014 in the Regional State Administration. The meeting was planned to be held earlier, but because of objective circumstances it took place at the beginning of June.  The Deputy Governor briefly and clearly defined the present conditions  in  Dnipropetrovsk region and neighboring areas. Boris Albetovych said  that  particularity the whole region is  a multicultural community of citizens of Ukraine. The issue of national coexistence at different times was  tolerant and friendly. The citizens always try to find a sustainable solution for all circumstances. The meeting was attended by the Chairman, members of the boards of the National Societies of the region: Azerbaijanis, Belarusians, Armenians, Georgians, Jews, Lithuanians, Germans, Poles, Koreans, Roma. Each of the participants expressed their views on working conditions of international coexistence, plans and issues for working together  in national associations. The Civic Association National Societies "Unity" has been always helping in all these directions. Among the present members at the meeting was a delegation of observers from the OSCE, among whom was a Lithuanian Yozas Kozlas. Lithuanian center "Hintaras" Galina Khmel-Dunay, Kozlas positively expressed  the tolerant and peaceful mood of residents of Dnipropetrovsk and has been pleasantly surprised by the existence of the Lithuanian society.

Galina Khmel-Dunay



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