Honorary consulate of the Republic of Lithuania

MEETING of Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania with the Representatives of OSCE.

Peace and stability in Ukrainehave been threatened. Therefore, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), which deals with security issues, decided to give their support by sending the observers to Ukraine.

  So, yesterday there was the meeting of the Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Dniepropetrovsk Vitaly Pivnyak with the representatives of the OSCE – Bjorn Kato Funnemark and Juozas "Jaw" Kazlas. Also the meeting was attended by Head of the Lithuanian Cultural and Business Centre "Gintaras" Galina Chmil-Dunai. Foreign guests were interested in political and socio-economic situation in the city. Also, it was about the activities of  Honorary Consulate of Lithuania in this difficult time for Ukraine.

  Summing up the meeting, civilian observers thanked the Honorary Consul for the frank conversation and shared a pleasant impressions of patriotism and the friendliness of the Ukrainian people.



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