Honorary consulate of the Republic of Lithuania

Happy Mindaugas Day!

From 1252 to the present day, the date "6 July" for Lithuanians has been the most important event of the year – is the birthday of Lithuanian statehood. This is not just a holiday, it is a great national event. This day is considered the starting point of the existence of Lithuania after its first and fateful determination towards integration in the Western world and focus on Europe's civilization values. This festival and traditions of celebration in Lithuania are perfect example of national unity and its gratitude and respect to outstanding individuals and key stages in the development of their homeland,which have providedthe significant step in the formation of the state as it has been today. A century ago, Lithuanians were united by  love to the liberty, the country and the desire to see  great and prosperous of their state. These goals and objectives we are trying to solve nowadays in Ukraine.

Lithuania Statehood Day celebrations hold in each country where the Lithuanian diaspora exists, that is why Dnipropetrovsk region as well as Ukraine is no exception. Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Dnipro heartily congratulates Lithuanian people with outstanding holiday and wishes well-being, peace, further progress and prosperity.


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