Honorary consulate of the Republic of Lithuania


For the Republic of Lithuania and Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania in Dnipro, 2018 is a eventful period of cultural festivities, since this year is devoted to the 100th anniversary of Restoration of Lithuanian State and the 100th anniversary of the Day of Unity of Ukraine. The Honorary Consulate has began the year of century with the festival of Lithuanian-Ukrainian music "Skambus Saltinelis".

On February 02, the final gala concert of the Festival took place in concert hall of the Museum of the History of Kamyanske.

Over 60 participants presented their talents and knowledge of Lithuanian culture – the creative teams of the city, which, since November 2017, were selected for competition. Dance, musical composition or poem – each participant had the opportunity to show their talent, showing the color of Ukrainian or Lithuanian national cultures.

"We are very pleased that the Lithuanians living outside their historical homeland, in Dnipropetrovsk region, inherit Lithuanian traditions in their families, teach young people the language, transfer from generation to generation their national and cultural heritage. The Festival demonstrated this fact brightfully, since it was possible to enjoy the performance of Lithuanian composers, to hear poetry of Lithuanian poets in Ukrainian translation and, of course, to see national Lithuanian dances," Vitaliy Pivnyak said.


The gala concert was held in a warm and cozy atmosphere, when the performances were finished Honorary Consul presented the diplomas and memorable gifts to the heads of the school of arts.



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