Honorary consulate of the Republic of Lithuania


Common history and neighbor policy unite  Ukraine and Lithuania with the similar views on topical issues of European and global security, common aspirations in the political, economic, social and other spheres.

Since the beginning of active military operation in the East of Ukraine, Lithuania has been one of the first who lent a helping hand to our country. For the third consecutive year, the programme of rehabilitation of some Ukrainian soldiers who suffered defending Ukraine's right to personal freedom and territorial integrity has worked.

The Ministry of National Defense of Lithuania has initiated the continuation of the project about some Ukrainian soldiers’ rehabilitation in Druskininkai this year. On March 14th, 2017 Honorary Consulate of Lithuania in cooperation with Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration sent the first 4 warriors abroad to give them the chance for returning to normal life.


We'd like to remind that about 100 ATO’s participants were sent to Lithuania for free treatment and rehabilitation with the support of Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Dnipro during 2014-2016.

We’d like to express our sincere gratitude for the political and moral support which Lithuania provides Ukrainian Armed Forces in a difficult time for our country.




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