Honorary consulate of the Republic of Lithuania


While carrying out the commission of the Embassy of Lithuanian Republic to Ukraine, the Honorary Consulate of Lithuania in Dnipro is introducing the readers of Dnipropetrovsk region to the works of Grigory Kanovich, a prominent Lithuanian-Israeli writer.

Grigory Kanovich is a Russian and Lithuanian writer, translator, playwright, and screenwriter. His work is an integral part of Lithuania-Ukraine culture. Grigory-Yakov (his full name) is the author of numerous novels, tales and plays containing human values, as he gets his readers acquainted with still a little-known heritage of Jewish culture, which is inseparable from the history of Lithuania, Ukraine and all Eastern and Central Europe.

He is the winner of the Lithuanian Government Award. His books have been nominated for the international Booker Prize more than once. Grigory Kanovich is the recipient of the illustrious Medal of the Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas and Grand Cross of Commader of the Order for Merits to Lithuania.

Thus, the first 50 five-volume editions of high publishing quality with his collected works were presented to Jewish Memory and the Holocaust in Ukraine museum of Menorah cultural and business center. Also, the copies were directed to the book-crossing of Dnipropetrovsk RSA and distributed among the Lithuanian diaspora.




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