Honorary consulate of the Republic of Lithuania

Lithuanian Song Festival is the biggest cultural event  of the state which gets together all generations and all the people of the country for strengthening the national pride and glorify its name in the world. National songs, dances, music, brass bands, performance ensembles, theater (dedicated to the writer K.Danilaytisa 300th anniversary of his birth), fair of traditional arts and crafts were presented June 30 – July 6 in Vilnius during the festival "Here is my house. "

This year Lithuanian festival  has been celebrated its 90 years and conducted this holiday the 19 th time. It was attended by about 38 thousand members ,7.5 thousand dancers, 3 thousand musicians,1 thousand artists and masters of folk arts and crafts from 5 countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Ukraine, Croatia). Performances acted in concert halls and outdoor venues with folk groups from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Ukraine, Croatia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus.

 The Lithuania celebration was attended by folk ensemble "Serpanok" from Ukraine , a master of weaving Margaret Tyshchuk from Kyiv and a master of traditional Ukrainian embroidery Galina Khmel-Dunay from Dniepropetrovsk. During the discussions with the Lithuanians and participants of the holiday parties from Ukraine the members exchanged the views on developments in Ukraine. People are genuinely sympathetic and willing to Ukrainian stability, faster settling  of the difficult acute situation and lasting peace.

On July the 6 th in the center of Vilnius, in Cathedral Square, participants began to gather for the final concert. They overcame a 7 km solemn procession to the field of singing in the Park Vinhis. At the final concert of the huge choir for more than 20 thousand participants from 10 countries they performed the song for Lithuanian of  15000 audience. The final concert took place on the day of Lithuania – the only day of the coronation of Lithuanian King Mindaugas. 

The text and photos made by Galina Khmel-Dunay.




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